Senin, 30 April 2012

Mario Bellini - Shanghai

The practice of Mario Bellini has long been of personal interest to me as a collector, academic and industrial design practictioner. The Kartell - Work in Project stand at Salone Internazionale del Mobile this year profiled outstanding designers and exhibited sketches, models and prototypes of design projects. I was more than delighted to see Mario Bellini's most recent work up close and personal. The project explores the idea of the lights of Shanghai, which given my new role in China, I will see these lights a lot in coming years. The existence, in 2012, of the white polystyrene model is evidence of the continued importance of this design modelling practice and it supports my interest in this technique and it's influence on design practice in Victoria. (see previous post)

Mario Bellini Shanghai Vase for Kartell 2012.

Kartel - Work in Project. Mario Bellini

Mario Bellini Shanghai vase development process, sketches and models. 2012.

Concept sketches by industrial designer Mario Bellini.

Concept sketch by Mario Bellini for the Shanghai vase for Kartell. 

Original polystyrene concept model by Mario Bellini for the Shanghai vase.

Kartell - Work in Project exhibition Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2012.

Mario Bellini 'Shanghai' vase inspiration - Shanghai night sky.

Kartell Shanghai vases designed by Mario Bellini.

my valentine exhibition features the work of Mario Bellini

Online - One Year Old

A year ago today this blog began to share material from my research with a small number of academics attending the AGIdeas conference in Melbourne. Conference speakers urged the audience to embrace the 'smartphone' opportunity and the light went on for me to publish my research online. 76,371 hits and 363 posts (just two more for one per day...doh) later, I can say they were more than right about the power of this medium to share. My passion for industrial design and in particular for the work of local designers, will be continued over coming years. I look forward to this year's AgIdeas conference for further inspiration.

Minggu, 29 April 2012

Michele de Lucchi - Milan Design Week

I was fortunate to be invited to attend the Domus Academy Winter School at RMIT in the early 1990s and even more fortunate to have Michele de Lucchi as a tutor. The exhibition Sampete Com'e - You know how it is in Ventura Lambrate featuring his work was a must see whilst trying the impossible, to see all that is on show, during the Design Week in Milan.

Michele de Lucchi - exhibition Sampete Com'e - You know how it is 
Milan Design Week 2012.

Domus Academy Winter School presentation by industrial designer Ian Wong to Michele de Lucchi and Adrea Branzi. 1991.

King & Miranda - Milan

Perry King and Santiago Miranda founded King & Miranda Design in 1975. I was fortunate this week to meet Perry King at Salone Satellite and to visit the design studio in Milan to conduct an interview for my PhD.

I have particular interest in design practice and asked Perry to reflect on his UK education and how over time his practice was influenced or changed by his work in Milan. The influence of early career work with Ettore Sottsass for Olivetti and in particular the Valentine typewriter project were of great interest to me.

The collaboration between Perry King and Santiago Miranda over more than 37years has yielded a great many award winning projects for clients and is represented in the studio logo of two hands. The strength of this bond was evident in an instant as Perry and Santiago kindly agreed to shake hands for my photograph in the studio foyer.

Santiago Miranda and Perry King founders of King & Miranda Design.

Arin Chair - Winner of the iF Product Design Award for 2011 designed by King & Miranda.

Industrial designer Perry King discusses a concept prototype for the award winning Arin chair. Flos classic Jill lamp by King & Miranda also pictured.

Innovative wall heater panels for Runtal designed by King & Miranda and featured at Salone Mobile 2012.

Video here outlines innovative design developments behind the Runtal Folio heater panels.

This video provides insight into the King & Miranda Design studio practice.

I recognised immediately the Jill lamp for Flos in the studio meeting room as I prepared for my interview with Perry. During my studies in the early 1980s this lamp featured regularly in international design magazines and showrooms in Melbourne. Designed in 1978 the Jill lamp is a classic from Flos.

Jill lamp designed by Perry King and Santiago Miranda for Flos. 1978.

Original concept sketch for the design of the Jill lamp designed by Perry King and Santiago Miranda for Flos. 1978.

Sabtu, 28 April 2012

Salone Satellite - Zhang Zhoujie Digital Lab

It is expected that innovation and creativity will be on display in the stands of Salone Satellite each year. The concept and fabrication technique behind furniture by Zhang Zhoujie delivered this year on this expectation. Steel plate is laser cut in unique faceted panels and hand formed and welded to create stools, chairs and tables.

Zhang Zhoujie grew up in the countryside of China, studied at the China Academy of Art and has completed an MA Industrial design at Central St Martins College of Art and Design in London. He has his own studio in Shanghai where he explores eastern values, future technology and ways to combine various disciplines.

Designer Zhang Zhoujie at Salone Satellite 2012.

Stool designed by Zhang Zhoujie.

Jumat, 27 April 2012

Salone Satellite - Sae Ra Kang

I first met Sae Ra Kang in 2008, which was my first year back at RMIT industrial design and she was in her final year. Sae Ra was in Malte Wagenfeld's experimental design studio and explored design innovation in screen doors like those on a typical Victorian terrace house. Sae Ra was a highly motivated student and volunteered to tutor in the first year communications course I was coordinating. Sae Ra has followed in the footsteps of RMIT alumni; Edward Kayser, Dean Holmes, Douglas Tomkin and Peter Russell Clarke by studying a Masters Degree at the Royal College of Art. It was wonderful to see her at the Melbourne Movement stand at Salone Satellite this year.

RMIT alumnus industrial designer Sae Ra Kang at Salone Satellite with Melbourne Movement director and RMIT alumnus Ian Wong

RMIT University and Royal College of Art graduate industrial designer Sae Ra Kang with Melbourne Movement director Ian Wong.

Nutapult project by Sae Ra Kang

Nutapult project by Sae Ra Kang

Superform chair designed by industrial designer Sae Ra Kang.

Sam Jewell, Sae Ra Kang, Alicia Tam and Daniel Watson

StoryKey picture password system.

StoryKey is revolutionary picture password system that lets you tap into the power of your own memories. Just think of a story, and pick images that represent it. the system is easy to use, and 8,000 times secure than regular alphanumeric passwords. No more gibberish to remember, just your favourite stories.

Salone Satellite 2012 - Marva Griffin

Salone Satellite curator Marva Griffin Wilshire with Melbourne Movement director Ian Wong.

Kamis, 26 April 2012

Salone Satellite 2012 - Creativeans

On your first trip to Salone Satellite in Milan it is good to make friends and benefit from the experience of others. I was fortunate to meet Kimming Yap, a graduate from the Domus Academy, and his support and assistance was very much appreciated this past week. His design studio Creativeans with designers Khairul Hussin, Yulia Saksen, and Sharina Bi is based in both Milan and Singapore.

The invite for Melbourne Movement to the Domus Academy 30th birthday party and exhibition was hand delivered to our stand and Tate Anson, Jiyoon Kim, Jasna Manolios and myself were able to attend. I was particularly keen to be there having previously attended a Domus Academy Winter School in Melbourne with Michele de Lucchi.

Digga pendant lamp by creativeans.

Designers Kimming Yap and Khairul Hussin from creativeans at Salone Satellite 2012.

Domus Academy graduate Kimming Yap encourages Melbourne Movement designers Tate Anson, Jiyoon Kim and Jasna Manolios at the Milan Design Week 2012 party celebrating 30 years of the Domus Academy.

Rabu, 25 April 2012

Monash University - Suzhou China

Monash University will soon begin enrolling students at its purpose-built graduate school near Shanghai, after becoming the first Australian university to be granted a licence to operate in China.
The landmark partnership with China's Southeast University (SEU) will provide advanced postgraduate education to more than 1400 students, and gives Monash a presence on the ground in one of the world's largest economies.

Monash University - Suzhou, China.

Following recent endorsement by China's Ministry of Education, the Southeast University-Monash University Joint Graduate School (Suzhou) will officially welcome its first students later this year.
Located in Suzhou, near Shanghai, the Graduate School will feature postgraduate courses in a range of disciplines including nanotechnology, biomedicine, environmental science, transportation, industrial design, economics, and software, thermal and mechanical engineering.
Students will graduate with degrees from both SEU and Monash.
Vice-Chancellor and President, Monash University, Professor Ed Byrne said the partnership with China was the next step for a globally engaged university.
"This is an exciting development for both Monash and Southeast University," Professor Byrne said.
"The partnership allows us to prepare students to be international citizens, equipped to meet the rigours of a workforce in transition.
"China has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with an impressive record of innovation. This makes it an ideal location for a progressive university such as Monash."
Dean of the Monash Faculty of Engineering and Vice-President of the University's Indian and Chinese Initiative, Professor Tam Sridhar said the teaching strengths of SEU complemented those of Monash.
"This agreement reflects SEU's understanding of Monash University’s research and education excellence," Professor Sridhar said.
The Graduate School will accept 350 masters students and 150 PhD candidates each year, building to a capacity of more than 1400 by 2017.
Ranked among the top 500 universities in the world, SEU is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in China.
Monash is Australia's largest university, with six Australian campuses, international campuses in Malaysia and South Africa, and research centres in India and Italy. It is currently ranked among the top one per cent of world universities.

Sabtu, 21 April 2012

Melbourne Movement - Salone Satellite 2012 Milan

Melbourne Movement stand C-36 at Salone Satellite 2012.

Melbourne Movement stand C-36 at Salone Satellite 2012.

Melbourne Movement stand C-36 at Salone Satellite 2012.

Melbourne Movement stand C-36 at Salone Satellite 2012.

Tate Anson, Dusko Lapcevich, Ian Wong, Yoowan Yang, Gyungju Chyon, Alex Cummins, Jasna Manolios, Jiyoon Kim, and Jack Martinich.

Glen Taylor - Core77

RMIT industrial design alumnus Glen Taylor dropped in to the Melbourne Movement stand at Salone Satellite yesterday.  Glen, who is one of my former students and also a graduate of RMIT multimedia, is now living in New York and has been working with the world leading industrial design website for the past six years. It was great to see him and catch up after more than 15 years.

RMIT alumnus Glen Taylor visited Melbourne Movement stand at Salone Satellite 2012 in Milan.

Glen Taylor from Core77 discusses innovative details of the Trist stool by Tate Anson with Melbourne Movement director Ian Wong.

Jumat, 20 April 2012

Perry King - Valentine Typewriter

Industrial designer Perry King worked on the Valentine typewriter for Olivetti which is a twentieth century classic and also was the feature in the exhibition 'my valentine' at the Design Gallery recently.
Today whilst at the Salone Satellite Melbourne Movement stand in Milan I was visited by Perry King.

Industrial designer Perry King with researcher Ian Wong and the iconic Olivetti Valentine typewriter.

Olivetti Valentine typewriter.

Rabu, 18 April 2012

Paola Antonelli - Salone Satellite 2012

Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator of the Department of Architecture and Design at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, spoke about the MOMA exhibition Talk to Me. This exhibition was about Design and the Communication between People and Objects, dedicated to the various systems and mechanisms and strange technological contraptions that enable and/or generate contact between people and objects.

Paola Antonelli presentation at Salone Satellite 2012.

PhD researcher Ian Wong and Paola Antonelli following her presentation at Salone Satellite 2012.

Salone Satellite 2012 - Award winners

Awards and presentations were made today for young designers at Salone Satellite 2012. First prize was awarded to Raul Lauri.

Decafe designed by Raul Lauri

Salone Satellite Award exhibition of selected works for 2012.

Salone Satellite Award 2012 presentations with Salone Satellite curator Marva Griffin.

Salone Satellite Award 2012 first prize winner Raul Lauri for decafe range.

Salone Satellite Award 2012 first prize winner Raul Lauri.

Salone Satellite Award 2012 second prize winners from Wowqstudio Monica Thurne and Mariana Lerma.

Wowqstudio prize winning elbotijo at Salone Satellite Award 2012.

Salone Satellite Award winner elbotijo by wowqstudio.

Salone Satellite 2012 award winning enamel tables by Lucas Hinnerud.

Salone Satellite Award 2012 third prize winner Lucas Hinnerud for enamel tables.